A Fundamentally

New Approach

to Precision



Our biologics can achieve deep and selective removal of the proteins that drive diseases such as autoantibodies in immune-driven disorders

Our Approach

Our understanding of autoimmune disease has grown tremendously, and we now know specific circulating proteins drive many autoimmune diseases. However, existing therapies are broad acting with a narrow therapeutic index which limits them to being used as late-line treatments when the disease has become advanced. Using our best-in-class platform we can meet the moment and truly realize the promise of precision immunology by selectively degrading those offending proteins thus allowing for early intervention which can improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

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Our Programs

We are advancing novel precision therapeutics with an initial focus on autoimmune disease. We target the circulating proteins (autoantibodies) that drive many diseases, with the potential to have a tremendous impact on disease course and patient quality of life.

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GlycoEra is developing biologics to selectively target the root cause of many autoimmune diseases: a specific circulating protein (autoantibody). Our approach enables us to degrade targets rapidly, selectively, and deeply while avoiding broader dampening of the immune system. This offers many potential benefits over existing broad-spectrum immune-suppressing therapies, including an improved safety profile and the potential for earlier disease intervention – which could improve patient quality of life, limit long-term complications and lower overall healthcare costs.

We can target and degrade any circulating extracellular protein of interest, and we have applied our platform to multiple distinct targets, demonstrating it is reproducible across any disease driven by a circulating protein – such as an autoantibody in autoimmune disease or a protein aggregate in neurological disease.

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Our mission is to work toward a healthier future for those suffering from autoimmune diseases, where our approach to precision immunology fundamentally alters the treatment paradigm. Sound interesting?