We select targets that are known, well-validated drivers of disease where there remains a significant patient need and a defined path to demonstrating clinical effectiveness. Our initial focus is on autoimmune disease, but our platform has broad potential across all therapeutic areas.

Our Degraders Have Significant Advantages Over Other Modalities

Deep degradation

We have achieved greater than 95% reductions in target proteins


Deep degradation in under 30 minutes


We’ve shown we can selectively degrade our target proteins without causing broad immune suppression.

GlycoEra Pipeline

Partner With Us

Our programs are initially focused on targeting circulating proteins that drive autoimmune diseases. However, circulating proteins drive many other human diseases, and our efficient platform can reliably target any circulating protein of interest, opening up opportunities across therapeutic areas. We know we can’t fully maximize this opportunity on our own and our goal is to work with industry-leading companies to broaden the impact of our platform for patients.