Applications & Pipeline


Lead indications chosen based on validated targets
GlycoEra selected indications based on scientifically robust evidence for the role of target in disease. In addition, significant unmet medical need, definable path to preclinical and clinical POC, and approval, and commercial attractiveness were the criteria used to select lead indications.

GlycoEra Pipeline

Autoimmune therapeutics
G-LyTAC for autoimmune disease will selectively drive the rapid and deep degradation of circulating pathogenic autoantibodies. G-LyTACs are selective and therefore will not remove protective antibodies compared to other non-specific approaches for autoimmune diseases which lead to broad immune suppression.

Oncology therapeutics
G-LyTAC for oncology degrade circulating or membrane proteins implicated in driving tumor biology or can be targeted to activate the innate immune system through degradation of checkpoint proteins.