Our Science


Developing therapeutics for protein degradation

It is well established that many circulating and membrane proteins of the human secretome can drive a variety of human diseases. Several of these proteins are undruggable using existing approaches. Until now, treatment regimens for these diseases relied upon transfusion, plasmapheresis, immune suppression, or organ removal and/or radioisotope treatment. However, these interventions are not effective or safe. GlycoEra specifically degrades these pathogenic proteins and safely removes from the human body.
GlycoEra is positioned as the leading precision protein degradation company. Bifunctional biologics (G-LyTACs), designed by our novel and proprietary technology bind to disease-causing proteins and transport them to the lysosome using naturally occurring endocytic receptors. The disease-causing proteins are degraded in the lysosome and removed from the body.  Unlike intracellular protein degraders, like PROTACs and molecular glues, our technology can access targets that are extracellular and membrane proteins, thereby opening up novel targets and therapeutic areas for intervention.

G-LyTAC: Bifunctional biologics for extracellular and membrane protein degradation

G-LyTAC's are bi-functional biologics that bind to the disease-causing protein target and engage endocytic receptors.

G-LyTAC’s are antibodies, single chain Fv, Fabs, or any other protein scaffold with engineered glycosylation site(s) that are recombinantly produced in our novel and proprietary manufacturing platform. These are well-defined biologics with homogenous (human-like) glycans at the intended sites.

Our Technology Platform

GlycoEra’s platform is the only recombinant cell-based technology offering unparalleled, controlled glycan structure design capabilities. We use naturally occurring biosynthetic pathways to engineer a novel organism to efficiently produce specific glycosylation on proteins. This enables modular, cost-effective and scalable protein design and manufacturing.
GlycoEra has created a library of cells engineered to express specific glycans on proteins. We can rapidly clone and express a variety of protein constructs to find the ideal G-LyTAC. We have successfully expressed antibodies, Fabs, scFv, Fc fusion and nanobodies with desired homogenous glycans.